Welcome To My Online Sanctuary For Artists

 Creative Mystery School® is an online gathering space that offers an Earth-magic and Mysteries-based  approach to helping you reclaim your creative sovereignty.

My Online Mastery Classes are  turning-point experiences designed to help you break through creative block, activate your own gifts, and discover your true artistic path.

ALL creatives are welcome here.

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1st Tenet of Creative Mystery School:
YOU Are Sovereign

You were designed with everything you need to fulfill your destiny inside of you — and an instinctive map to get there. Since there is no one else like you in all of time, YOU  are the only one who can become an expert on the true nature of your gifts. You definitely don’t need a guru, sometimes you just need some support to help you tap into the innate magic that lives inside you…

Julio Romero de Torres – Muxidora

2nd Tenet of Creative Mystery School:
The Earth Is Your Ally

The Earth is a portal to a boundless source of magic, myth and power for you on your artistic journey. Apprentice with the Earth, the ultimate creator, and reconnect to your own wild spirit. Plant allies are some of the wisest mentors on the planet, and seasonal and moon cycles can teach you to live in a way that’s deeply connected to pleasure and wellbeing. 

3rd Tenet of Creative Mystery School:
Your Ancestor’s Wisdom Is Alive In You

There is a long unbroken string of creative power that traces back through your bloodline. Tapping into the traditions, wisdom practices, and the direct guidance of your Ancestors can bring in profound support for your artistic life. Reclaim the Gifts of your Ancestors, and open an ancient stream of earth-wisdom and wild joy that wants flow to you…

4th Tenet of Creative Mystery School:
Community Is A Healing Landscape

You are not meant to walk this path alone! Modern culture has forgotten, but your Ancestors knew the immense importance of true community. At pivotal moments in your life, having the support of kin-spirits who really see you and value you can make all the difference in you having the resilience and courage to turn your dreams into a reality…

Hi, I’m Emily.

I founded Creative Mystery School with the intention to create a supportive space where artists could find their true north, unblock their  creativity, and meet a community of like-minded friends.

My background is that I’m a composer, producer, vocalist, and the owner of Golden Shadow Records.
In my own life, my own creativity has been my greatest teacher and has taken me on a mystery school journey of epic + humbling proportions. It has asked me to excavate my deep truths, to develop my intuition, to heal, to claim my gifts and most importantly – to find my true calling in music.  For  over 15 years I’ve been honored to work as a professional consultant to other artists, helping them to effectively get over creative block and step powerfully onto their own paths.

Years ago I learned this important secret: Creative Block is actually a rite of passage to your power ~ you just need to know how to work with it. Creative Mystery School brings together targeted, transformational tools to do just that, gleaned from my 20 years experience in studying the healing arts and my lifetime of learning on my own creative path.

I believe that your creativity IS a doorway to your destiny. It’s a conduit to your deepest truths and the soul reason you’re here. When you open that doorway, your true path unfolds in front of you. And as it does, I’ll be honored to walk with you as a guide and a friend in these mysteries.

With love + solidarity,

Emily Butler is the Founder of Creative Mystery School, an online sanctuary that supports you in breaking through creative block  and reclaiming your own innate gifts. 

"Please know that only wild horses could keep me away from your class ~

You’ve helped me hook into some major sources of strength, and I am learning to speak my own language again. Everything you say, I feel like I know it deep within myself… making this a fantastic journey of re-discovery. With love and gratitude.”

– Jane, Artist & Educator, NY

Emily, I have a profound sense of your work’s clarity, the work you do is so deep…You are the real deal and we are lucky to have you.”

-Tony Gill, Visual Artist and President of Tony&Tina 

“You did a session with me the summer before last to help me move through a stubborn creative block in a piece of writing I was working on. Even though we ended up doing just a consultation and one session, it was an incredible experience, and helped me more than any of my sundry other efforts (including going to a number of therapists). I eventually finished the piece I was working on, and though I’m still not sure whether it will end up being published, completing it was possibly the hardest and one of the most satisfying things I’ve done. I grew so much. I give you a lot of credit for helping me do that. Even talking to you in our consultation was such a relief–you really understood what I was saying, that the block had meaning and couldn’t be resolved with CBT tips. That meant so much to me after so many conversations with therapists who only wanted to give me superficial tools. Thanks again!

-Journalist & Writer, San Francisco

“Emily you are very powerful in your work. I thank you for your care, warmth and kindness, your amazing ability to transform energy. You are one to bring clarity and beautiful shifts. You truly walk your talk and are one excellent, fun, passionate, amazing teacher!!!”

-Patty, Artist, San Francisco, CA

“Working with Emily brought me closer to myself and to my connection to the eternal divine.”

-Suzanne Meyer, Writer & Entrepreneur, NY, NY

“…Our rituals moved me in a profound way. It was deep and real, profound and magical. Past, present and future, all rolled into one. This class fed my soul, it was intense and serene, and I came away transformed. Emily, you know how to bring very different people together and hold the space open for us all to transform and grow, wow! Thank you!”

-Jane, Artist, Healer & Educator, NY

“Many, many thanks. You were an enormous help when nothing else was effective.”

– Linda, Film Producer, Los Angeles, CA


“I love your class, it brings peace and grounding to my life. I so look forward to this group. The energy of the space is very sacred to me.”

– Brenda Wyetzner, NY, NY