Hi, I’m Emily. I’m the Founder and Director of Arts for Creative Mystery School and I’m so honored to welcome you here. 

My background is that I’m a composer, music producer, singer, and the owner of Golden Shadow Records in California. My creativity has been my greatest teacher and has taken me on a mystery school journey of epic proportions. It has asked me to excavate my deep truths, to develop my intuition, to heal, to claim my gifts, and most importantly – to find my true calling as a composer.

I’m honored that for 15 years I’ve also been helping other artists to do the same for themselves and find their own true path forward. I never set out to become an expert in creative block, but that’s exactly what has happened as a direct result of my own artistic journey.

When I first started wanting to compose as a profession, I had some of the worst creative block imaginable. I wasn’t able to sit and play at my piano for more than 5 minutes without feeling hit with a melting fatigue that would literally pull me into an involuntary sleep. And even when I would push through it, I would feel such a mysterious sense of sadness and devastation that it almost didn’t seem worth it. I remember thinking to myself: what’s the point of pursuing your passion if it makes you miserable? I wasn’t able to get any real help from conventional sources. In fact, I even was told by a practitioner that I was so blocked that I probably wouldn’t ever get over it in my lifetime. But I wasn’t going to give up on music — I just couldn’t figure out how I was going to pursue it.

Then another wind started to call me at that time in my life. I heard voices from the distant past telling me that there IS another approach to creativity, one that goes beyond the modern idea of “judgment and performance” as benchmarks for excellence. I made a dramatic decision to leave the conventional path behind, and made a sharp left turn. I dove into in-depth studies in the healing arts, and there I finally began to find answers in the traditions of our Ancestors.

During my educational journey over many years, I would end up earning over 9 + Certifications in different modalities. And as I released creative block and found my voice, the more I loved helping other people to do the same thing for themselves. It was a natural extension of my passion to start showing others what I learned, and business took off. I worked as a private consultant and began teaching specialty classes that sold out. When those classes became so overflowing, I decided to run my own Holistic Healing Studio right off of Bryant Park in NYC. I opened the studio to packed classes and a 6-month waitlist, but what I am most proud of deep down is that I still get emails from people who tell me: “your classes were the one place in my life I felt I could be myself.” That means more to me than I can say.

Along with my calling as a composer, this work of guiding others has been like a golden thread in my life, weaving itself through the chapters of my own artistic evolution, and it means a great deal to me. I’ve had the honor of sitting with people as they meet their true soul calling, and not only has this forever changed me as a person, but it has also given me an invaluable education about the healing power of creativity.

Creative Mystery School is the fruit of all I’ve learned in 20 years of studying the healing arts, and from a lifetime of walking the path of creativity.

I want to pass on targeted tools to you that will help you bring healing and creativity together in your life. Because in reality, healing and creativity are the same thing. And your Ancestors knew this. The more I have learned about holistic healing and the mystical traditions of the ancient past, the more I realize our Ancestors had a VERY healthy relationship with creativity.

Our Ancestors  lived in a way that wove creativity into the larger mysteries of life and regeneration. Singing was used for healing and soul retrieval, dancing was used for communal catharsis, and ritual was used to heighten our awareness that this life truly is precious and beautiful…And worth celebrating. 

I see creativity and healing as one, because fundamentally, they are both about being who you really are. They are two different words to describe the  journey of coming home to yourself.

Creatives of all kinds and identities are welcome here.

If you are someone who senses that your creativity has a larger purpose – that it’s a VEHICLE for your healing, for your self-realization, for your awakening even – then you are in the right place. Welcome to a community of kin spirits, we need you.

It’s true that when you free your creativity, you change your life. That’s because your creativity is a doorway to your destiny. It’s a conduit to your deepest impulses, instincts and your soul reason for being here. And when you open that door, your path unfolds in front of you.

And as it does, I’ll be honored to walk with you ~ as a guide and as a friend in these mysteries.

All my love,

p.s.The Mystery Schools of Antiquity were considered to be ultimate places of self-knowledge…

Places where you could learn about yourself and your soul purpose, through your own direct experience. To me, that is exactly what your creativity is. Your creativity is a Mystery School inside you that opens the doorway to deep answers and direction for you. Creative Mystery School is a space that recognizes this truth ~ and promotes this ethos of personal power.