Resurrecting the Age of Magic

A 5-Week Master Class In Creative Recovery

Entwined With The Natural Magic of Samhain Season

Step into a new world of creative power for yourself

What would your life be like if you were in full command of your creative power?

If you didn’t struggle with the resistance, fear, or doubts that stop you from running down your true path?

What fire would LIGHT UP inside of you and never go out?

Resurrecting The Age of Magic is a 5-week powerhouse journey that will call on the creative genius inside you to kindle itself back to life.

This Master Class will help you resurrect your creative power, confidence, volition, and freedom.

Remember who you were born to be.

Reclaim your Creative Sovereignty AND your Connection to Deep Earth Magic

Your power and the Earth’s creative power want to work together. As you reawaken this connection between you, you’ll activate a passionate, alive, and regenerative current of inspiration for your artistic life.

The Earth is your creative ally.

With the Magic of the Darkest Season





Samhain, the ancient Gaelic word for Halloween, is so much more than just a day. It’s an entire Season. And it’s known as the SEASON OF THE WITCH for a reason — as it’s a potent turning point for fate and magic.



You can harness this Dark Season of the year to catalyze DEEP INNER TRANSFORMATION for yourself.

The natural magic, mysticism and inward calling of this season can give you greater access to your inner world, it can lead you into more profound insights, and it can give you the extra support you need to have life-changing breakthroughts. The creative Otherworld is OPEN at this time of the year, and there is no telling what can happen when you decide to work with those powerful natural energies.

In this Master Class, you will be assembling a constellation of light within yourself. Learn to ignite the bright and clear creative fires inside you, and these lights will carry you through the darkest time of year that stretches from now until the Winter Solstice…

This may be the season of outer darkness, but it’s also the season of INNER CREATIVE LIGHTS.

Your Five Week Journey

Week 1 / Element: Ether

Greeting The Guardian:

How To Transform Your Relationship With Creative Block

Week 2 / Element: Water

Reclaiming The Magical Child:

How To Retrieve The Lost Creative Genius Inside You

Week 3 / Element: Fire

The Golden Darkness:

How Shadow Work Can Reveal Your Hidden Powers

Week 4 / Element: Earth

The Earth’s Language Of Passion:

How To Listen To The Earth Magic Of Your Own Body

Week 5 / Element: Spirit

Song Of The Ancestors:

How To Call On The Gifts Of Your Ancestors To Support Your True Mission

Hi I’m Emily Butler, and I’m the Founder of Creative Mystery School.

I am on the edge of my seat getting ready to lead this Master Class in creative reclaiming for you.

The name of this class, Resurrecting the Age of Magic, has a two-fold meaning:

One, it’s a reference to reclaiming the magical creative child within you that got lost – or partially lost – at a certain age. You were born with a creative genius that showed itself when you played with wild abandon as a child. Then what happened? Life is hard on most of us, and it’s hard to stay whole. This course is an extended love song to the soul of your Original Child. It’s a deep invitation to reclaim the broken off parts of your own magic that got lost at a certain age. 

And two,  Resurrecting The Age of Magic is also a reference to bringing back the earth-honoring Old Ways of our Ancestors that went underground. At this pivotal moment in history, many of us are being tapped on the shoulder to remember these ways – and to wake up to a different possibility for life on this planet. This course will invite you to reconnect not only to your own creative power, but to the flowing power of the Earth that wants to work in harmony with you.

My Personal Experience

These themes of reclaiming and reconnection have been groundbreaking for me in terms of my own artistic work, and for 15 years I’ve been professionally counseling other artists on how to get themselves over creative block, with profoundly successful and life-changing results.

In this Master Class, I’ll be bringing over 9+ Advanced Certifications and 20 years experience in the holistic healing arts to our work, as well as my own deep compassion and understanding of what it means to go through these processes, as I’ve been through all of them myself as an artist.

The targeted tools I’m going to show you can save you from YEARS of feeling stagnant, confused, or adrift in your creative life. These practices have changed my life and the lives of many others who thought they were blocked for good. You are so much closer to a breakthrough than you know. I cannot WAIT to share this all with you!

love + solidarity

"Please know that only wild horses could keep me away from your class...

Our rituals moved me in a profound way. It was deep and real — profound and magical. Past, present and future, all rolled into one. This class fed my soul, it was intense and serene, and I came away transformed. Emily, you know how to bring very different people together and hold the space open for us ALL to transform and grow, wow! You’ve helped me hook into some major sources of strength, and I am learning to speak my own language again. With love and gratitude.” 

Jane, Artist & Teacher, NY, NY

“Hey Emily! You did a session with me the summer before last to help me move through a stubborn creative block in a piece of writing I was working on. Even though we ended up doing just a consultation and one session, it was an incredible experience, and helped me more than any of my sundry other efforts (including going to a number of therapists). In fact, the main reason I kept postponing contacting you for a second session is that the block kept lifting after the first one. I eventually finished the piece I was working on, and though I’m still not sure whether it will end up being published, completing it was possibly the hardest and one of the most satisfying things I’ve done. I grew so much. I give you a lot of credit for helping me do that. Even talking to you in our consultation was such a relief–you really understood what I was saying, that the block had meaning and couldn’t be resolved with CBT tips. That meant so much to me after so many conversations with therapists who only wanted to give me superficial tools. So, first: thank you. And I hope you’re thriving.”

-Journalist, San Francisco, CA

“Emily, I have a profound sense of your work’s clarity, you are more powerful than you have even imagined. The work you do is so deep. You are the real deal and we are lucky to have you.”

Tony Gill, Visual Artist and President of Tony&Tina Vibrational Remedies

I love your class ! It brings peace and grounding to my life. I so look forward to this group. The energy of the space is very sacred to me. I have complete faith in your ability to pick the perfect divine topics.”

Brenda Wyetzner, NY, NY

“Working with Emily brought me closer to myself and to my connection to the eternal divine.”

Suzanne Meyer, Writer & Stylist, NY, NY

“Emily you are very powerful in your work. I thank you for your care, warmth and kindness, your amazing ability to transform energy. You are one to bring clarity and beautiful shifts. You truly walk your talk and are one excellent, fun, passionate, amazing teacher!”

P.N. Artist, San Francisco, CA

“Many, many thanks. You were an enormous help when nothing else was effective.”

Laura, Film Producer, Los Angeles, CA

FOR $315

Registration has ended. Contact me at if you would still like to join.

for a truly transformational and healing experience.

This 5-Week Master Class will be a deep and gritty journey into the innermost sanctum of your creative energy–so you can set yourself FREE.

If you feel it in your bones that this is THE YEAR you’re meant to radically shift old patterns and step passionately onto your path — then this will be the course of your dreams!

Welcome to Creative Mystery School! This is going to be a wild, magical ride!

Old Ways +  New Ways

This Master Class will be bringing together the best of the old and the new so you can have a fully comprehensive experience. You will be learning Ancient Practices as well as Modern Cutting-Edge Techniques to support your transformation on a holistic level.

So no matter if you’re more comfortable in the spiritual realm, or if you like to break things down intellectually — this Master Class will give you a chance to explore both sides of yourself and see what really WORKS for you.

Our Master Class Plan:

Resurrecting The Age of Magic Is A 5-Week  Journey

October 25th -November 22nd

It will be  LIVE and ONLINE with me, each week.

Note: This is *not*  pre-recorded – this experience will be interactive.

Sundays: Creative Sanctuary Experience, 1.5 Hours


• This is the main event! Each Sunday we will meet on Zoom and you will be initated into a powerful new theme of exploration for the week.


During each Sunday Session you will go on a GUIDED INNER-JOURNEY from the privacy of your own home, so you can have a lived and personal experience of these themes, rather than just an intellectual understanding. You have time to unpack your journey with me, so you can fully glean it’s wisdom.


•This will be followed by a  DISCUSSION that will give you potent practical tools, guidance and inspired energy that you can harness all week long to nurture your own breakthroughs.


•As a bonus, I will be staying for an extra 1/2 hour at the end of class (2 hours total) to talk to you about your own personal questions if you have them.


Our Sunday Sessions Are Conveniently Timed:
11:30am Pacific (aka– after breakfast)
2:30pm Eastern (aka — after lunch)
7:30pm UK Time (aka — after dinner!)


Thursdays: Still-Point Check-In, 30 minutes

This is an optional mid-week check-in to help you recenter and reenergize yourself.  You can ask me your questions, we can laugh as a community and we might even explore some off-the-beaten-path Special Request questions ;} This will help you get over the midweek hump and keep your motivation and inspiration GOING!


RITUAL PAGES For Ongoing Momentum

Each week you will receive Ritual Pages to help fuel your ongoing momentum and inspration. These will expand on the themes of our lives sessions, and will give you practical tools, and healing rituals that you can bring into your daily life. This can help you deepen the magic and keep it flowing throughout this whole process.


Connect With A Magical Community For Inspiration

There will be a Private Facebook Page that you will be able to access anytime day or night if you’re wanting support. I will meet you on there every week for the Still-Point Check-in, and  you can connect to other kind, thoughtful and creative souls any time to process your experience and get encouragement.


This is a one-time experience for the Fall of 2020. 

This Master Class may never be offered ever again.

Registration has ended. Contact me at if you would still like to join.

This LIVE experience will help you to:


•Feel that something special is happening in real time.

•Feel a positive sense of accountability, and show up for class on Sundays like you would for an in-person class. 

•Meet people who are going through the SAME experience as you, at the exact SAME time.

•End “Artistic Isolation” – and the illusion that you are the only one struggling with creative blocks. Meet other creative souls who will relate to you 100%. This is healing and important, and was an integral part of the creative life in older times.

You Will Come Away From This Class With:

Up to 14 hours of LIVE Class Time with me – full of inner journeying, important topics, personal discussion and Q&A.

5 Guided Inner Journey mp3s that you can download, keep, and repeat whenever you want to. Each one is specially designed to deepen your experience of the themes of the week.

An 100- Page RITUAL BOOK. All of your Ritual Pages will be compiled into a pdf Ritual Book for you to keep. This is approximately 100 pages of profound healing techniques and magic that you can dip into at any point in the future.

A Magical Community of Friends
In creating a LIVE course, my priority is to help us create a REAL community during these times of isolation. Participation is always optional, but you may come away from this class with new friends who will continue to support you into the future.

Plus Additional Bonus Materials That Will Be A SURPRISE!


FOR $315

Registration has ended. Contact me at if you would still like to join.

The SIGN-UP Deadline Is 12pm Pacific On October 23rd


How Much Time Will This Take You?


•This Course Will Take You About 3 hours per week total. This includes our Live sessions plus some time for your own assignments. This is ultra manageable.

•If you come to each Sunday Session (1.5-2hrs) you will be getting the majority of the value from this course.

•You can then decide how much time you will add on for your own personal artistic practice and for your at home Rituals. You will have a Ritual Book of materials of 100 pages, so you will have plenty of rich material to do as MUCH as you feel inspired to do.

The course will be as deep as you make it.

This Course Is For You:

  • If you feel a soul calling to be more creative. You do not need to be a “professional” artist to take this course. EVERY SOUL is a creative soul.
  • If you feel yourself frequently moved emotionally by art, and then feel a sense of desolation that you’re not living up to YOUR full potential.
  • If you’ve always been drawn or intrigued by the mysteries of life, and want to explore a deeper approach to living and creating.
  • If you are a sensitive soul and appreciate holistic methods that respect and honor your sovereignty.
  • If you’ve always wanted to develop your intuition more – and suspect that it’s connected to your creativity
  • If you are drawn to all things magical, and want to infuse more mystery, mysticism, lore and beauty in your daily life!
  • If you feel that you’re ready for an experience that will challenge you to grow, and are excited about profound transformation.

This Course Is Not For You:

  • If you don’t believe this world is magical and only want to explore life from a fully clinical or sterilized perspective.
  • If finding your true creative power is not a priority for you. 
  • If you don’t want to develop more self-trust, and just want external authorities to tell you what to do.
  • If you’re not interested in learning how to be kinder to yourself on a profoundly life-changing level, and are committed to beating yourself up forever.
  • If you don’t like the idea of Earth Magic and being more connected to yourself and the green world.
  • If you don’t want to spend at least 15 minutes, 3 times per week to further your creative development.
  • If you are not open to having a life-changing breakthrough.

Registration has ended. Contact me at if you would still like to join.


Do I need prior experience to join the Master Class?

No you don’t need any prior experience. You only need a genuine desire to want to up-level your creative life, and an openness to go on an adventure that will open up new worlds inside of you. If you’re excited to meet more parts of yourself and claim more of your own creative power, this course is for you!

What are the Dates For This Master Class?

October 25– Sunday, November 25.

Five Weeks Total.

We begin before Halloween/Samhain and are done before Thanksgiving in the U.S!

What Days do we meet?

Sundays is your main LIVE Class on Zoom for 1.5 hours. 

 Thursdays you have a Live Q&A (30-45 minutes) in addition. 

What Times do we meet?

• Sundays at 11:30am PACIFIC, for 1.5 hours. Followed by an extra 30 minutes of Q&A for anyone who wants to stay.

•Thursdays at 11:30am PACIFIC there is another Q&A of 30-45 minutes.

Are Replays available if I miss a class?

Yes, there are Replays available for everything.

Though it’s best to join-in for the special magic that happens LIVE, if you can!

How Long can I have access to the material?

As long as you want. You’ll have stream or download access to the videos forever, you’ll have the Guided Journeys and the Ritual Book and all Bonus materials as well, to work on in the future. 

Emily is only moderating for these 5 Weeks (Oct 25th – Nov 22) that the course officially runs, so try to jump in then if you want to experience this in real time! 

What is the Tuition Price for all 5 Weeks?

It is $315 USD, for all 5 Weeks.

Do you give Refunds?

This is a LIVE class, and it is industry standard not to offer refunds on Live classes. This is my general policy, but it is also not my style to hold someone to something that truly doesn’t feel right for them. Come and talk to me, and we will work something out that feels honorable and just.

How much Homework will I have?

That’s up to you and your own creative energy. I will be giving you plenty of material each week as optional Rituals and Healing exercises, but how deep you want to go into your own creative Otherworld is completely up to you. You are sovereign.

Am I required to Share in class?

No, never! I’m an introvert and I understand that a lot of people will be intensely private about their creative work, as am I. As the weeks continue we really will develop more natural trust in class, and you may feel really inspired to share, laugh and connect with others. But you are never required or pressured to share. Your privacy will be deeply respected throughout this whole process and you can do what feels right and natural for you.

Do I need prior experience to join the Master Class?

No you don’t need any prior experience. You only need a genuine desire to want to up-level your creative life, and an openness to go on an adventure that will open up new worlds inside of you. If you’re excited to meet more parts of yourself and claim more of your own creative power, this course is for you!

Still Have Questions?
Don’t hesitate to reach out to me at: 

 Creating True Community Online

I made a very conscious decision to offer this class LIVE and ONLINE, rather than through pre-recorded material. I feel we desperately need community and sacred space right now more than ever, and I wanted to create a space to bring us all together to help generate strength, inspiration – and laughter!

By getting together LIVE each week, in real time, you are going to inject a huge amount of energy, companionship, and encouragement into your own creative process.

Community support was an essential part of how your Ancestor’s kept their vibrance, resilience and creative joy. 

Let’s Celebrate Samhain Season For 5 Weeks!


The magic of Halloween/Samhain doesn’t end after October 31.The potent magic of the Season continues on for weeks!

If you love the idea of keeping the mystical fires burning for 5 weeks with a group of lovely, magical friends, then welcome home.

Celebration, magic, myth and merriment only ADD power to your transformational process.

Unblocking your creativity is life-changing. 


Because your creativity IS your power. And so as you upgrade your relationship with your personal power and come to embrace your true self, there is NO AREA of your life that will be untouched. Your health, your relationships, your art, and even your finances will be influenced by your relationship with your creativity.


When you free your creativity, you unleash the magic that your soul intended to bring to this world. I believe from the bottom of my heart that freeing your soul energy – your creativity – is the most worthwhile investment you can make while you’re on this planet.

The SIGN-UP Deadline Is 12pm Pacific On October 23rd

Your Creativity is a Doorway to your Destiny.

It’s a conduit to your deepest truths, impulses and your soul reason for being here. When you open that door, it leads you to the path you’re meant to walk.

Are you ready to open that door?




Registration has ended. Contact me at if you would still like to join.