1st Tenet of Creative Mystery School…

YOU Are Sovereign.
Deep in the heart of your own creative mysteries, there is a unique destiny that calls out to you. While the idea of a larger destiny may sound overwhelming at first, it’s actually the most comforting truth of all. Your real mission is not something that will ask you to sacrifice your happiness, despite what cultural mythology says. You align with your destiny when you follow the creative passions that are trying to beckon you onto your path. And it’s not selfish to go on this journey. The ironic truth is that it’s in finding your greatest fulfillment that you make your greatest contribution to this Earth. And be reassured that not only do you have an important purpose, but you also have the exact Gifts you need in order to fulfill it.

You were designed with a supreme capacity to fulfill your destiny ~ and nothing less. Since there is no one else like you in all of time, YOU  are the only one who can become an expert on the full scope of your Gifts. As a Creative Sovereign you don’t need a guru, you just need a guide who can help you tap into the magic and genius that already lies within you…

There comes a time in every single artist’s life when a mentor cannot help you anymore. When a teacher cannot show you how to do the thing that only YOU were born to do. Because the reality is that you are the only one who is an expert on the full formation and dimensions of your own destiny. YOU are the only one who has their hands on the reigns of your own soul Gifts. No one else has had these exact gifts before you, and so there is no one else, humbly recognized and respected, who can show you how to steer them.

The voyage of self-discovery is one of diving inside yourself. To step away from outer instructions, which by their very nature, were grafted from the bark of someone else’s tree – and instead move yourself into the mysterious heartland of your own gifts, talents, yearnings, and soul passion. There is a place on your own fertile soil where you can learn about your own reach and height. The true secrets of what you were designed for. But there is a moment when you have to concede that you will not learn this “out there” – in the noisiness of the external world. The sacred language sits inside you, and gives your own gifts BACK TO YOU with full abandon when you surrender to their crazy wisdom. What you are looking for may go against everything that has ever been taught to you on the outside.

For why else did you come here, except to bring something NEW?

The true artist’s path is always a mystery school.

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