2nd Tenet of Creative Mystery School…

The Earth Is Your Ally.

The Earth is a portal to a boundless source of magic, myth and power for you on your artistic journey. Apprentice with the Earth, the ultimate creator, and reconnect to your own wild spirit. Plant Allies are some of the wisest mentors on the planet, and Seasonal and Moon cycles can teach you how to flourish in your creative practice!

Opening a window into the wild power of the natural world can send magic and inspiration flooding back into your life. That’s because when you spend time in nature, you remember that you are nature. And that creating is not hard for you. It’s natural. Like awaking from a dream, you remember that you belong here. You have a sacred place in the glimmering web of this world. Holding this sense of belonging in your heart is powerfully healing, and it makes creativity so much easier. There are so many ways to work with earth magic, including befriending plant allies and making flower essences, which are favorites of mine at Creative Mystery School. You can also learn to attune your work habits to the Moon and Earth cycles to sustain your creative energy. And in Celebrating the Seasons through ritual like your Ancestors did – you can keep your eyes open to the beauty that surrounds you… all year long! But most important of all, reclaiming your sense of belonging on Earth is like a soul retrieval for your wild creative essence. When you remember your own running spirit, shining and bright ~ even on the cold days, the sap of your magic will start to rise again.