3rd Tenet of Creative Mystery School

Your Ancestor’s Wisdom Is Alive In You.

There is a long unbroken string of creative power that traces back through your bloodline. Tapping into the traditions, wisdom practices, and the direct guidance of your Ancestors can bring in profound support for your artistic life.

So many of us need to bring healing to our ancestral lines, and yet this can feel overwhelming, especially in these times. However, there are simple ways that you can begin to weave peace into your Ancestral tapestry, and form meaningful connections with those that have come before you. When you dive into the pool of ancestral wisdom with the intention to create healing, you emerge from the water strengthened and with a new sense of grounding in life. There are so many Ancestral gifts that you have yet to claim, and so much help that would like to flow to you from your Ancestors to support you in your work. Your creative destiny is yours, but it’s also the flowering fruit of all of those who came before you. Ancestor work is actually a creative practice in and of itself, and it can be profoundly grounding and inspiring at the same time.
Reclaim the Gifts of your Ancestors, and open an ancient stream of earth-wisdom and wild joy that wants flow to you…